Gone to Gmail’s Promotions tab?

How to Use the Power of Gmail’s New Promotions Tab

We have to hand it to Gmail – it gave users a helping hand back in 2013 when it reshuffled inboxes to categorise emails by Tabs. One of said Tabs was the Promotions tab. It sent a wave of panic among marketers who feared their content would never be seen. Gmail offers three basic Tabs: […]

Communicating in the time of COVID-19: email marketing top tips

How best to communicate during COVID-19

Now, more than ever, we’re seeing an unprecedented number of marketing emails (thanks COVID-19). Note how many clichés we managed to cram into that single sentence. This is just one example of how not to do email communications during the corona pandemic. Yes, we want to keep talking to our customers, but we need to […]

Improve your email deliverability with this one simple trick

Improve your email deliverability with this one simple trick (1)

After hours spent designing, coding and writing up emails, we want to know they’re having an impact. Perhaps one of the most overlooked metrics for email marketers is the simplest: email deliverability. What is email deliverability? This is an internet service provider (ISP)’s way of measuring your trustworthiness as a sender. An ISP will measure […]

Dark mode could be screwing up your emails – here’s how to fix it

Dark Mode for Emails_ What It Is & How to Optimize Emails

You know that feeling when you’ve been staring at a screen for so long that the adorable kittens you’re watching on YouTube start to look a little blurry? Well, that’s called eye strain, and there’s a new solution for that. It’s called dark mode. What is dark mode? It provides a darker colour palette for […]

Everything you need to know to avoid email blacklists in 2020

How to Keep Your Email Account Out of an Email Blacklist

Did you know that nearly 85% of emails sent daily are considered spam? It’s devastating to think that you could put in hours of exhausting work writing your email, finding images and formatting your message, only to find that it didn’t even make it to your client’s inbox (and let’s not even mention the number […]

How to create perfect mobile-friendly emails?

mobile-friendly email design

There are no two ways about it. Today’s digital consumer is accessing more mobile content than ever. In fact, studies show that emails opened on mobiles have shot up by 100% since 2011 – today, 61% of us open our emails on a mobile. So what does this mean for mobile designers? Think of it […]

Did GDPR have an effect on email marketing?

They’re four little letters that struck fear into the hearts of every marketer when they were first announced. In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect, marking significant changes to email campaigns in the EU. What happened with GDPR? The reason so many marketers were fearful of GDPR was the need to […]