Open or delete? Write subject lines that grab attention

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Email subject lines can go one of two ways: there either going to be opened or your email is going straight into the bin. That’s the reality. So how do you give your email the best chance of being read?

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

Get upfront and a personal.

Do you include personlised information in your subject lines? If you don’t, you’re missing a big trick and you’ll run the risk of your email falling at the first hurdle. Personalisation lets you pull in your subscribers’ names and other information specific to your subscriber. You could insert everything from people’s locations to information based on past orders.

Don’t be worried, have a laugh.

Everyone likes something that makes them laugh, especially after a long day. Drop in your best one-liner or provide a witty take on what’s in your email and you could make them giggle (and get that all-important open).

Share an X-Factor sob story

Have you ever watched a TV advert that totally hit you in the feels? For us, it’s anything dog related. Why not try the same with your subject lines. If you’re a charity, for example, you have plenty of opportunities to include information specific to the cause or reasons why their donations matter.

Everybody loves an offer

If you’re offering a great discount in your email, then shout about it. A subject line that says ‘offer inside’ is lame, but if you say something like, ‘Up to 60% off big brands’. Then you’ll definitely increase your open rate percentages.

Don’t always overdo it

There are some emails you shouldn’t mess with and those are transactional emails. For instance, if a customer has ordered something from you, it’s common practice to include the order number in your subject line. Going off topic might mean the email they were expecting from you will get lost and might lead to a call.

If you need help with your subject lines or overall strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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