Abandoned Cart Emails Can Maximise Your Sales

How The Use Of Abandoned Cart Emails Can Maximise Your Sales Performance

Online shopping is more than a trend, it is a part of every day life for many – Whether it is through their place of work, to buy essentials, or to stock up on the latest clothing release, we all buy things online, but we’re also prone to leaving a lot of products in our virtual shopping carts.

If your online store sees a lot of abandoned shopping carts, the implementation of responsive abandoned cart emails can prove as a great tool to cherry pick all of the sales you thought might be dead. Let’s look at the stats….

To put it simply, abandoned cart emails can convert at a staggering rate of 3-5%, to put it simply, you might get 1 in 20 customers who abandoned items on your store, eventually buying these products, providing you notify them (by email), that their cart is abandoned.

You can’t simply assume that they didn’t want to buy. No customer browses online without an intention of some kind, whether it is to buy now, or in the near future, they will always check your site with a product to buy in their minds. Think about the potential scenarios that might lead to abandoned carts, and you might begin to further consider how useful abandoned cart emails actually are. 

Here are two big examples:

  • A shopper’s device crashed, went flat, or disconnected – This results in a cart being abandoned through no fault of the customers, this can be utilised by having an automated email sent as soon as they “leave” your online store, so the first notification they get is a reminder to pick up where they left off, on your site.
  • A lot of customers have a tendency to browse first on their mobile device, but bite the bullet on their desktops. This might be as a result of online stores not being mobile friendly, or due to the absence of a mobile application being readily available. In your abandoned cart emails, offer a link back to your store, that is both mobile friendly, or is a direct download to your mobile app (should you have one). A lot of online shoppers don’t buy on mobiles as the site layout is unfriendly, so make sure your online store caters to mobile as much as desktop users.

If you want to set up an effective abandoned cart email marketing strategy, remember to set it up in a way that is automated, responsive, and directs the customer straight back to where they left off, to minimise the effort required to get back to the product they abandoned.

If they abandoned on a mobile, you MUST optimise your website and your emails for mobile users!

References: Moosend –“Approximately 45% of abandoned cart emails will be opened by recipients – 21% of those opened will result in a click-through, aaaand over a third of those(Click-through emails) will result in a sale”

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