Boost your customer retention with email automation tools with Mailchimp

Nail your customer retention with email automation tools

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Acquisition versus retention – what’s more difficult?

It really depends on your school of thought. Some say acquisition is the hard part – how you conduct your market research, and how you cater for their needs. Others say retention is the killer – what’s to stop today’s fickle customer from going somewhere cheaper?

The key difference is value.

According to Invescpro, a loyal, returning customer base can increase your profits by up to 95%. It’s a no-brainer, then, that we should nurture those we’ve already worked hard to acquire.

Where do we begin?

Retention is no mean feat. For enterprises with high customer volumes, we simply don’t have the time to personalise every single customer communication – much as we’d like to. Instead, we turn to the gift of automation.

Let’s see if you can increase your profits by up to 95% by employing these proven Mailchimp email automation strategies.

Always start with a welcome.

You need to engage your customer from the moment they click subscribe. A simple welcome email is your personal blank canvas to say hello, introduce new products, and even push more conversions with a promo code.

Mailchimp research shows that automated welcome emails earn 5 times more orders. Available from Mailchimp’s standard plans upward, you can set an automatic welcome email and customise the text.

Say Happy Birthday!

So, now you know each other pretty well, right? Why not show your customers you’re thinking about them? Just add a date field to your newsletter sign-up form. You can then tailor your birthday message to your mailing list. Use this to send promo codes or just a hello.

According to Salesforce, 62% of customers expect to receive personalised messages and discounts, so don’t let them down!

Get more from your notifications.

Keeping with the personalisation theme, notification automation is a foolproof way to re-engage with customers. This is perfect if you’re selling online.

Whenever you send an invoice or order confirmation, you can use email automation to add product recommendations. Confirmation emails attract 8 times more opens than marketing emails, so use this real estate to showcase your brand and upsell your products.

Reward, reward, reward.

We all want our customers to return – so why not give them an incentive? Customer loyalty automation analyses your data to see which customers return most often. You can use this to automatically send out exclusive deals, promo codes or any other kind of incentive. The best part is, you don’t even have to analyse your data!

Get started on email automation with OnlinePanda

Your customers are your most valuable asset, and they deserve your time. Let us take the hard work out of retention by using automation.

Research from Mailchimp shows that automated campaigns get 6 times more orders per recipient. They can also help you to connect with new contacts and re-engage dormant buyers. You’ve done the handshake – now start building those relationships.

For more tips on email marketing, contact the OnlinePanda team today.

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