Why You Should NEVER Send Image-Only Emails

Why You Should NEVER Send Image-Only Email

We have all been there as marketers, we think it might be a bright idea to send something colourful, something that unifies your brand. A picture is, of course, a fantastic tool to really personalise your email content, but using ONLY images can be a painful approach to achieving success in your email marketing endeavours… […]

How to avoid the dreaded low email engagement rate

How to Improve Low Email Engagement Rates (1)

As marketers, there’s nothing more heart-breaking than pouring our hearts and souls into an email campaign, only to get nothing back. It’s not enough nowadays simply to focus on vanity metrics like open rates. We need to know our email campaigns are having an impact – if not to convert customers, but also to prevent […]

How to ace your event invitation email every time

Event Invitation Emails_ How to Create One that Rules

Whether you’ve ever been Bridezilla or tried to organise the dinosaur-themed birthday party for your five-year-old, coordinating an event can be super stressful- and your business’ event is no exception! With so much to do before the big day, you probably don’t have time to spend hours on the invitation. That’s why we’re giving you […]

Improve your email deliverability with this one simple trick

Improve your email deliverability with this one simple trick (1)

After hours spent designing, coding and writing up emails, we want to know they’re having an impact. Perhaps one of the most overlooked metrics for email marketers is the simplest: email deliverability. What is email deliverability? This is an internet service provider (ISP)’s way of measuring your trustworthiness as a sender. An ISP will measure […]

Birthday emails 101: skyrocket your email marketing today

Email marketing can be a total nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. With hundreds of promotional messages being sent to your client’s inbox every day, there’s a massive chance that they won’t even open your email! But what if I told you that there’s a special kind of email that has a 481% […]

Nail your email engagement with animated GIFs

They say a picture tells a thousand words. That’s exactly what we need when we consider just how long we have to engage customers through email marketing. According to research by Mailchimp, only 3 per cent of recipients will actually click on a link in an email! That’s scary enough in itself, without stopping to […]