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What is an email open rate?

2 min read

Your open rate percentage is one of the most important metrics you can track, and not just so you see how you stack up against industry benchmarks.

Yes, click-through, unsubscribes, replies and forwards all play their part in an effective email marketing campaign, none of these things matter if your emails go unopened.

Unfortunately, without a good open rate, the greatest email campaign is a non-starter. Therefore, the first step to getting better results through email marketing is getting people to open your emails. To get a few quick wins (opens) under your belt, we would always recommend using personalisation in subject lines. It’s been said, a well-written and personalised subject line can be the difference between a 10% and 70% open rate.

Take home message: to improve your email open rate percentage, make sure you write a kick-ass subject line (preferably personalised).

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