What is an email click through rate?

2 min read

Click through rate (or CTR) is the measure of how many people clicked on a link, CTA or image within an email campaign. For advertising campaigns, it’s a good measurement of success.

How do you calculate CTR?

Click through rate is usually calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. To calculate, simply divide the number of clicks your email received by the number of times your email was opened – then take that number and multiply it by 100. This will give you your CTR percentage.

Is CTR important?

The simple answer, yes! For us, click through rate provides instant feedback. If you email isn’t get any clicks, either your copy needs reviewing, or your link or button placement usage needs examining.

What is a good CTR?

Although a healthy CTR depends on a number of factors. The average click through rate these days is a staggering 7%. So, if you’re getting email click through rates higher than 7%, well done you!

What now?

Now you know all about CTR, how to measure it, and why it’s important, you’re ready to take charge of your next campaign.

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