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We’ve been helping people like you grow their business by designing and coding responsive email marketing templates. Now it’s your turn.

Modular Email Templates

Online Panda builds mobile-responsive modular email templates, which gives you maximum flexibility, and the ability to create varied emails without having that ‘template’ look about it.

What are modular templates?

To make designs scalable, you could think of your email template as having multiple building blocks, similar to Lego bricks.

If you have the right building blocks, you can build to your imagination’s content – this is the essence of a modular email template design. With enough blocks and the ability to easily and safely edit your email, we make it easier for you to find the right combination for each campaign.

Mobile Responsive Coding

Our team of HTML coders hand-build, optimise and test your emails to ensure they look great in every inbox, on every device.

HTML coded emails enable us to build completely branded emails and customise everything from fonts and colours to the exact spacing between sections so your email is pixel-perfect.

Email Design

We’ve touch upon the importance of mobile responsive coding, but design plays a significant part in the overall effectiveness of a campaign. Yes, your email needs to display correctly in every inbox and across all devices, but if it doesn’t engage or stand out, you won’t get the results you hoped for.

The look and feel of the email design needs be engaging and must be designed in a way to get subscribes to click and convert.

We’ve been designing emails for a while now. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to create high-impact, visually pleasing emails to showcase your brand in all it’s colours.

Some of our work:

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